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Charlie O'Neil Nick is the best and this album rules. Favorite track: It's always the same for me.
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This is my first album

Tapes via No Direction records


released December 8, 2015

All songs written and recorded by Nick Manske throughout 2015

The cover photo was taken by Zack Shipman in Bremerton WA



all rights reserved


PACEMAKER Denver, Colorado

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Track Name: It's always the same for me
I’ve been a million different places but I never settled down
and it’s up for interpretation what I say what I spit out
there’s never been a difference in the way I speak or scream
same way that I’m indifferent to the way I wake and dream

It’s the same for me , close my eyes to dream
it’s the same for me open my eyes to dream

I’m not asking for much
just the things that other men
cast aside for bigger fish
thats where I set my example
where I make handfuls
Track Name: Now I know
I never rolled over for you
couldn’t become another statistic

If god made anything after all
I’m pretty sure he made you

You’ll always have a place to call home
I’ll never gripe if you stink
Track Name: Everett
I’m not planning on staying here long but who knows…
It’s easy to get swept up with my friends around
It’s so great when my buds start to smile and love
the kids coming out of them

Sorry I won’t see them grow
one more kid I’ll never know

I’m not positive whats going on
at all ends of the earth
at all times of the day
I don’t mind
I don’t constantly love what’s in front of me
I make my eyes shift up to the sun
so I can blind it out

I wish I had what you have.
Track Name: Where the wind whistles
It’s hard to believe it all
I try to wrap my head around
you’ll never leave a legacy
you’ll never see the things I do

I don’t see no wars up here
I can see a target through the atmosphere
I can almost see you

I’ve got a pocket full of problems
and my homeboys do too
we fell guilty when we’re away
and restless at home.

so one died in your life
do you know how to give a shit?
cause I don’t
and I’m a bad teacher, I’m a bad person
no not really, I just think so, and you agree sometimes.
It’s just in our nature.
Track Name: Gratuitous picture of myself
As a free man
I try not to overstep
try not to talk about what I don’t know
the older I get
the more my body aches
the more I know I’m not invincible

I’m not invincible,
Just sometimes despicable

I forget days
I’m early to everything
not that I don’t have good things to do
I just hate being late
the city will make it so
the city knows I’m not invincible

What constitutes a good man?
I am one
or I thought
Track Name: Don't pay for anything
I’m tired of you
and all that you do
I’m tired of me
and all that I am

how did get to know one another so well
alone in the company of one another in our own hells

I’m tired of missing you
missing me
Track Name: Getting there
You’re older than god
and twice as tall
you’ve done me know wrong
I rarely call

Allegheny floods never soaked your heart
you took me through the mud
and hauled me home
you said a prayer
for a boy too young
to die on his back
with his hair uncombed

I’ve got your address
I never write
It’s not because I’m mad
I just never write
you gave me my name
but you kept your blood
I’m glad he became
your only son
Track Name: Project
You did what you did to save your boy
you left your wife from Illinois

You don’t have to understand it all
Just know what you do effects us all
It’s your world I’m living in

We’ve come too far
to not know who we are
good days to come
because I’m right here and I’m right now

I can’t complain
in your shoes i’d do the same
your world packed
but you still had us

I never thought
you’d be the one I lost
Track Name: Weber
Haven’t seen you since you left for Alaska
you left with enough to last you

It’s the end
hope you packed up and got back
I don’t know
if you’ll make it down here again

go and set your traps on your fishing grounds
If I never see your face pat you made me proud

the tide’s coming in
where inches mean hours
and the tide’s coming in
and the hours are all gone

You sped through the airwaves
on a tape I wish I had
on a day I won’t forget
on a tape I wish I had
Track Name: Carpenter